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Winter Style // JORD Watches

Women's Watch JORD Wood Watches

Lately, winter style has become one of my favourite for fashion. Layering is literally the BEST! This jean button up and wool sweater are extremely comfortable and easy to transition from a day in the office to evenings out. Adding in a hat and some arm candy can really spice up your winter wardrobe. 

Styling in layers can be hard. If you don't have the right pieces it can really make you feel more frumpy than fabulous (hahaha). What you want to do is make sure the first layer is of a thinner material. Although this is a jean shirt, it is really thin and moves easily. When I add the sweater on top I don't feel like I'm being suffocated. Try and keep the layers to a minimal and add accessories to bring some personality to your look.

Get The Skinny On Skinny Coffee

I'm sure you've seen all the Skinny Coffees, Skinny Teas etc. and wondered to yourself, "does this ACTUALLY work? How can coffee help me lose weight?" Well, I can tell you I even doubted it before I tried it. But I love coffee, so thought, "hey why not even if it doesn't work I still get a cup of coffee" I've now done just over 2 months with Skinny Coffee Club and you know what, I'm actually really loving it!

My girlfriend Ginny was really curious about all the buzz that surrounded this topic. What stopped her was that she read a lot of the coffees are made with natural laxatives - and that was what helped you lose weight. I defiantly did not want to have to be close to a bathroom all the time, no thank you sir. 

3 Tips For Saving Your Skin During Winter

It's been so so cold this winter, I already am dreaming of sun kissed skin with a JLO glow! When it comes to skin care in the winter months here in Canada, its hard to know exactly what is the best thing to do to keep that lovely glow. 

With the furnace running and the heat on blast in the car, its hard for your skin to keep up. Its cold one minute outside then immediately its dried out from the heat. "What should I do Steph, please help my skin!!" Well, don't worry, I'm here for you! Here I put together some tips to help your skin stay hydrated and supple.

Personally, my skin has always been a mix of everything, dry, oily, congested, sensitive, and prone to break outs. So naturally treating my skin has been work! BUT - when you have these key things in your routine, they are good for all of the above, and more. 

Plaid Love

Who doesn't love a good plaid jacket? I've always been so obsessed with plaid...but when I saw this wool peice, my love grew so much stronger. I don't know if it's the shade of green or just that it's extremely cozy, but as soon as I put it on its rocked my world! It's so comfortable and extremely versatile - dress it up for a night out or throw on a toque and be super causal. This jacket is only in stores now at Old Navy, and it also comes in red!!

Local Is The New New: Featuring Meadow + Mountain

I've always loved to support local businesses - whether it's a restaurant or shops, I love the energy they bring. It's always so lovely to ACTUALLY meet the people who are behind all the beauty. Most of us, will never get to meet the designers we wear, or the maker of that really cute sign you got at Winners. When I started to look more into what was around my community, I was pleasantly surprised to see so much talent just outside my doorstep!