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 This years Grammy awards was exactly what I like to watch - filled with a lot of legends that stole the show, along with a lot of new artists that showed us what we wanted to see! And the best part is, they all collaborated! Along with all the talent comes the best part - the FASHION! Watching the red carpet is like watching the Super Bowl for us girls. Usually with award shows, I get together with my sisters & mother-in-law and make a night out of picking our favourite dresses. This year it was a little different with Taylor (which he was very entertaining) so I didn't quite get the same responses to asking "Omg how great does she look?" But it was still a good excuse to pull out the bottle of wine and get in my fleece pjs :) 


# 1

My number one favourite dress was Taylor Swift! I usually am not a fan of her style choices but this dress she rocked! Who wouldn't want to prance around in that for an evening? With changing up the trend of plunging necklines and silver and gold tones, she opted for a blue Elie Saab curtain skirt, with a mini-hemline in the front, and floor-length drop in the back. Topping it off with a gorgeous pair of fuchsia heels (which is now a must have for me!) I hope this is something we will be seeing from her future fashion choices!


My second favourite look who I think killed it was Gwen Stefani. Now I know it's not a big fabulous gown but she looked flawless - that edgy Atelier Versace jumpsuit & swooped up hair was right on point! She left out her signature red lips for a nude and clean look which left her glowing! Keeping the red nails to hold onto her roots, of course :) Gwen has always made heads turn with her signature style, and she continues to keep us looking! 



My third choice is Rihanna who wore this cupcake-esque Giambattista Valli frock. This was a huge risk as it had potential to flop, but it worked for her! Any girly girl would be living out all their fairy tale dreams in this dress. Her makeup was soft and let her natural beauty shine through. There hasn't been much lately that I've loved from RiRi, but this shows me she's still got that risk factor, and she does it well!! 


With the trend of golds, silvers, metallics & plunging necklines -  there was lots of stars who looked stunning, here are some others that I loved, just didn't make my top 3. Who was your favourite? Leave a comment below I'd love to hear :)

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