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I'm sure most of you have already heard of all the wonderful benefits you get from drinking lemon water. I have made it apart of my daily routine now for 5 years - so I can tell you exactly what I have found it does!

Let's just say I should totally be a spokeswomen for lemon water because I always love sharing all the benefits I have found that it does for me, not only on the inside, but on the outside as well! Since I have been drinking it for years I have really paid attention to certain things to see the changes. Here is what I have found it does and what I use it for:



Lemon water is a natural detox for your body, it stimulates your liver, so every morning I wake up and have a hot water and lemon. The lemon will help to get rid of any toxins within your body. It also helps in speeding up your metabolism, so when you eat breakfast, your body is ready to use it as energy! I think about it as warming up my car in the winter, getting it running before you take off somewhere. I have found that I have more energy in the morning because my body is using my breakfast as energy faster.


I have found that whether warm or cold, lemon water has really hydrated my body. Drinking water alone is very beneficial to your hydration, but I have found that especially in these winter months, my skin has a lot more of a tolerance for the cold than it used to be. 


Lemon water will help boost your Vitamin C which will help you in fighting off your cold or protecting you from getting one! I always used to get colds and flus, my immune system was really bad, but I only get sick about maybe twice a year now...Thanks Vita C :)



I used to have very sensitive skin and always broke out - there wasn't really a time where I didn't have at least one blemish. I tried everything topical to clear my skin - then I went to beauty school where I studied Esthetics for 2 years, focusing a lot on anatomy and physiology. I learned how to the body works, and that your skin is a reflection of what is going on inside your body. (I will have another post getting deeper into skin care), but I realized that if I drank lemon water (since it was a natural detox) than I would get rid of toxins in my body, which would help in getting rid of bacteria that caused breakouts. It isn't an over night thing, but I know that it has helped me in achieving the skin that I have now. If you begin to realize that you need to take care of the inside of your body as well as the outside, that's how you can achieve beautiful skin! And I'm not just talking about your face, my whole body is always very hydrated & soft. 


Lemon can lighten & brighten and even out your skin tone. Mix the juice of one lemon with water and some witch hazel, put in a bottle and use a cotton pad to apply it over the skin. It will lighten any age spots and help to reduce and discolouration! I love this! It's a nice way to help give your complexion some vibrance - also, both are an antibacterial so it'll help with any of those pesky blemishes ;)

Hope you enjoy! 

DD xx

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