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"I Like My Money Right Where I Can See It, Hanging In My Closet"

Carrie Bradshaw was always right! My closet is my baby, I love having everything in place & knowing exactly where that shirt is that I want to wear, and I can see my jewelry hanging ready to be picked! It's a little bit of an obsession but I love my clothes. In my closet you can find anything from leather to floral pants, blouses to plaid shirts & overalls to mini skirts. I am all across the board, and I like it! I tend to dress how I feel, and I think that is how everyone should be...

Don't pick style because it is trending, but dress to express how you feel that day. Somedays I will be layered with collard shirts and the next I could be in a Guns and Roses tee with a toque. You don't have to have one particular "style", you can have many different styles throughout your week! Playing around with different pieces and outfits can be really fun! Take some time and throw a couple pieces together that you might not have thought about because you were trying to keep a certain style in mind - you might come up with something that really defines you & that you love! 

Shopping is probably one of the most satisfying things to do - we all can't deny that glorious feeling of when you walk into your house and sprawl out everything you got out on your bed! Being a bride-to-be this year, that feeling has taken a back seat. I have had to  find some ways to treat myself here and there, but without going crazy. I have never really been a brand type girl, but I can tell you that most of the time, your pieces will last longer. For the couple things that I do have that are brand name, have lasted me years. But life doesn't always have sales on top notch items, but you can still find all that look for a lot less! Here are some tips that have kept me playing with my wardrobe but easy on the wallet. 


Whether or not I'm sticking to a budget, I am in love with sale racks. Who isn't though right? The best thing that I can do is not look at anything until I have got through the sale racks. With seasons coming to an end, like now that we are into February, spring is around the corner so lots of sales are going to be going on - take advantage! Even though you don't think you will need sweaters and pants, keep in mind that even in the summer months, having a nice sweater to wear after the sun goes down at the cottage and you are out by the bonfire, it will come in handy! 


One of the best things we can do to spice up any wardrobe on a budget is to pick really versatile pieces that you can play around with different looks. A great pair of shoes or a new blazer can really change things up. Also, jewelry can really turn an outfit around - I love a good statement necklace that you can wear with a nice dress or even just a plain tee.  


What is old to somebody may be new to others! One thing that I have done lately is gather all my clothes that I want to get rid of and swap piles with my girlfriends. I've gotten blouses that are brand new & jump suits that are only worn once - and I didn't have to pay a dime! Next time you have a cleaning out your closet day, make a pile and call up your girlfriends or family and have an exchange party! It'd kinda fun because you know your old clothes that you once loved so much are getting taken care of :)


I know it doesn't sound so appealing, but any store that can offer you great pieces for half the price is worth the trip! If its a sale store or even a thrift shop, you can find unique pieces that are either never or slightly worn. I have gotten some beautiful purses & jackets from these places. You do have to take your time and make sure that you go through each and ever rack - because all the good things take time to find. Make it a day with a friend, treat yourself to a Starbucks (which probably be the only full priced item you buy all day) & have some quality time with your bestie!

Do you have any tips to share? I'd love to hear, comment below! 


DD xx

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