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It's so nice to be outside with the sun shining & seeing GRASS again!! Small things get me really excited lol Now that our Jack & Jill is over, it's Spring break and we have been relaxing around the house all week. It's the first day of Spring this Saturday and with all this sunshine & melting snow, we are looking forward to moving onto the next season!! I LOVE
all the floral designs coming out!! One of the nicest things about living in Ontario is we get to have all different kinds of weather - I wish it just was Fall & Summer as those are my favourite :) But I'll work with what I've been given! With all these seasons, it's nice to change up my style! Look forward to some fun posts coming this season! Taylor & I are outdoor people - so we will be having lots of fun pics!

Ok so I love braids. I have always loved playing with my hair and trying new things - especially when I'm bored! Braided crowns are one of the easiest, yet, cool hair styles for those semi-dirty hair days. I lightened my hair up a bit, I'm trying to get it ready for the wedding. My advice to anybody engaged - figure out what you want your hair to be like ASAP, and get to work. When I first met Taylor I had short red hair ( it was above the shoulders ) and like Rihanna red! I had always had long hair but just before I met him I really wanted to change it up, so I did! It was fun and cool, but I like to be able to play around and have different looks with my hair, and it being that short made it really hard. I decided to grow it back out and I'm happy I did when I did because, trying to get the length evened out ( I had a angled bob ) took  f o r e v e r ! But now I'm just trying to get a soft ombre feel, which has been going well! So....word to the wise - get crackin if you feel like there is a ring coming soon ;)

Also, I love ripped denim - they are my absolute favourite!! A little tip,  if you are trying to find the perfect pair of ripped denim, I know it can be really hard - so what I did here was looked in my closet for a old pair of jeans I didn't really wear anymore, and cut them myself! I've had these jeans since I was in high school and thought they were ready to be tossed away, but I'm so glad I kept them because now I feel like I've got a new pair of jeans! Y A Y for new things!!

Anyways I'll stop here so my post isn't pages long! Thanks for reading & HAPPY SPRING BREAK!!

Steph xx


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