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Target is closing here in Canada and so everything in the store is on sale. We went over to check out if there was anything left and the whole store was still FULL! As I walked in I saw this little gem hanging on the wall and I got so excited somebody didn't snatch it up already. I love when I get a new hat - I always think of all the places I get to go with it and what kind of adventures were going to have. I know I know I'm talking to my clothes and accessories, but don't try and tell me you don't look at your pair of shoes you picked to wear and say "I'm picking you today!" and you feel bad if you haven't given that pair of shoes any love, you need to take em out for a stroll.... If you don't - don't think I'm nuts haha I can't help it! Anyways, next subject!

  I'm going to talk about some personal things so you can really get to know me. So if you are interested in just the fashion, scroll down the details are down below :) 

  I wanted to talk a little bit about new adventures. It's the end of March and 2 weeks today, I have a HUGE new adventure and life changing thing happening to me - I'm getting baptised! I have grown up going to church and having faith, but my parents never baptised us as babies so we can make that decision on our own. I have wanted to do it for years but never really knew where to begin. I know life puts things in your path for a reason - whether is to learn a lesson or to help you grow. This one was to grow. 

  We fell in love with our wedding venue Nestleton Waters Inn the moment we pulled into the driveway. We were welcomed by the owner Erika who is one of the most amazing women I have ever met! After leaving we were drawn to this place and said we HAVE to make it work. So we booked! It was a little out of our budget but there was something about it that we couldn't say no. We took the next 2 years to save save save and really have tried to make sure this process wasn't stressful. There was moments where we thought we were in over our heads, but we have managed and gotten through it together. I feel like this is where things happen for a reason. 

  We met with the Pastor who they set up for us to officiate our ceremony, and we were blown away with him! After speaking with him I inquired if he does any baptisms - and of course he does and was THRILLED that I was wanting to take this step in my faith. He said we should come to his service and see the church. So we did - and when we sat down we saw Erika from Nestleton with her husband Harry!  At our next meeting with Pastor John, we were saying how great it was to see them and how its great you all work together and are so close. Then he says "you don't know the story do you - Erika is my sister!" We couldn't believe it! They are two beautiful people who we just adore and look up to so much. I love that they are about family as much as we are. I know this may seem like a small coincidence, but I feel like, without going out of our comfort zone and putting faith in God that everything will work out, I never would have met Pastor John, and therefore wouldn't have been getting baptised at an amazing church by an even more amazing Pastor. I am blessed to have met these people, and especially to have them help us plan our big day! Taking a chance only lead to me something beautiful and awesome, and I am thankful and very blessed to have this all happening before the wedding! 

Ok my rant is done haha. Thanks for stopping by!! Have a beautiful Sunday - and I hope within this next week, you an adventure of your own :)

Love Always, 

Steph xx


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