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Now that we are all excited for SPRING to arrive, we start to see the side effects of such a cold winter! With having the heat blasting all day, your hair & skin become so dry it's hard to get them back to being soft and hydrated. I am going to share some of my tips to get your lips back to being beautiful & kissable :)

My biggest thing is that I like to wear lipstick - so when I have dry and cracked lips, putting on my favourite shade of lipstick is terrible! Lots of my clients haven't ever really thought about exfoliating their lips until I recommended it - and once you do, you'll ask yourself "why did it take me this long to do this?!" A couple girlfriends have been asking for tips to prepare their lipstick application - so here they are to help you bring your lips back to life! 


First off, try and exfoliate before you want to apply any sort of lip balm or treatment, because you need to get all that dry and dead skin out of the way so whatever you are putting on next, actually can penetrate through. My favourite way is to use a disposable mascara brush & of course my favourite - coconut oil. 

First you will apply the coconut oil on your lips, covering them completely.  


Next you'll take the brush and place it on your lips horizontally, moving it side to side applying a small bit of pressure. Do this for about 1 minute each lip..


After, I usually wipe off the excess as their might be small pieces that were exfoliated off. Then I'll add a little bit more of coconut oil and massage it in. Viola - smooth and supple lips!! Once the coconut oil is absorbed, you can apply your lipstick!




Every night before you go to bed, make sure you are applying a thick moisturizing treatment - I use Vaseline because it will seal in any moisture and hydrate through the night. I usually wake up and can still feel a little on - that's how long it lasts! So easy, yet so effective. I love it!


I have learned that whether it's your skin, lips or hair, serums are everything! After I exfoliate on days that I'm not wearing lipstick, I'll apply a serum. The one I'm currently using is by SKINN Cosmetics called Lip 6X - it's an amplifying serum that contains Safflower Seed Oil which reduces the appearance of wrinkles by smoothing and hydrating your lips. It also has beeswax which a nice switch up from using petroleum jelly to lock in that moisture :)

Any questions please feel free to leave a comment below of shoot me a quick e-mail!!

Steph xx

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