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I stopped off at Booster Juice today to get my favourite smoothie of all time {Sonic Soy- the best!}, and it was Wheatgrass Wednesday! You get a shot of wheatgrass for a $1 off - I've always wanted to try it so Taylor and I ordered up one each. With the shot,
you get to choose to have a chaser of fresh pineapple or orange juice - so we chose pineapple of course :) The employee (who let me tell you is amazing and want to be best friends with) was getting our shots ready he was informing us of all the benefits of wheatgrass and how it can really help overhaul your body! Pretty much by the end of it I was asking how to grow it and where I can get the machine that juices it haha. After taking the shot we felt amazing!! It literally tastes like grass but I'm ok with that, chasing it down with fresh pineapple juice was such a treat! Within 5 minutes we felt energized and refreshed - it was crazy! So knowing me, I came home and did some research on this power plant to see what the benefits really were. Here are my favourites :)


1. One ounce shot contains 103 vitamins, minerals and amino acids - so crazy

2. Has as much nutritional value as approx. 2.5 pounds of fresh green vegetables

3. Very high in Vitamins A (helps with skin repair), B-Complex (help convert food into fuel), C (forms collagen for tighter and firmer skin), E (protects your skin from harmful pollution) &  (prevents heart disease and builds strong bones)

4. Increases the amount of oxygen in the blood, making it a great way to stimulate circulation - even saying you can rub a tiny bit on your face and neck to dilate blood vessels and allow more circulation to the surface of the skin! ( Defiantly trying this! )

5. Complete source of protein with 20% of total calories coming from protein

6. Powerful detoxifier that helps to cleans the body from head to toe of any heavy metals, pollutants and other tons that my be stored in the body's tissue and organs!!

7. With high levels of Chlorophyll, it can actually get into the tissue where it can refine and renew it!

8. Helps to begin the healing process of eczema or psoriasis

9. Skin anti-inflammatory to help with those suffering from inflammation and redness

10. It makes you feel GOOOD! Helps to bring you lots of energy and an over all sense of well-being :)

Honestly, I am ready to start doing this every day! You may find me getting a starter kit on eBay very soon hehe. From just one shot, I can really tell that good things will only come of it.

Yay for Wheatgrass Wednesdays!!!!

Steph xx

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