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This past Sunday was one for the books! Being baptised was one of the most amazing experiences that I've ever gone through - I feel absolutely fantastic! I was surrounded by my loving family, and even my older sister got to watch it live from her house in Alberta!! Technology eh? It was also a day to celebrate, as 2 years ago, my handsome fiancé Taylor asked me to marry him! <3

There was so much love that day, I was bursting with happiness!! We are getting married in exactly 2 months and 12 days...but who's counting ;) I feel like the countdown to our big day is taking forever - BUT I know it's worth the wait! For those of you who are married already, you'd probably say "don't wish it to come too fast", because it happens in a flash! Our Jack & Jill flew by so its taught me to really take in the moments, even though you tell yourself to - realllllly take it in.

My advice to any new bride, hire a wedding coordinator, it will be the best move you ever made!! I would think to myself I didn't need one, but our venue includes a coordinator and I just wrote her an email today expressing my gratitude for everything she does. It's given me a lot of free time to focus on all the other things that come with weddings ( showers, small details for the day of, even what shoes I'm wearing lol ) It might seem like an unnecessary expense if you're on a budget, but like the advice we all receive - taking in those moments will be a lot easier when you know all the details and meeting with vendors isn't on your shoulders. Taylor and I have had such a fun time planning this wedding together, and that to me is what it should be! You really learn a lot about each other and how your relationship is, because for the most part, you're making major decisions together. It's another part of growing together and it should mostly be filled with laughs and love :)

Outfit details are below! 

Thanks for stopping by today!! I hope you are having a great week! Its WEDNESDAY!! Only 2 more days left of work ;) We are going to see the Toronto Blue Jays play tomorrow so pray for good weather for us!

Lots of love,

Steph xx

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