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I can't believe how busy I have been lately! I am so happy that I can set aside some time and write another post :) It's funny how much I enjoy blogging and how it can be such a fun thing to do for myself. And it makes me even more happy that I have people like you who take the time to read it! Having so much support is what really motivates me to keep going. Thank you so much for being so wonderful!

We are 6 weeks away until the big day! Taylor & I have been asked countless times if we are nervous, but we are just REALLY excited!! My mother-in-law to be actually asked me the other day if it's even kicked in that I'm getting married next month because I'm so calm haha. But we have so much help and support I am just finding myself to be enjoying it all and taking it all in. 

I had a beautiful Saturday afternoon with my closest friends and family at a restaurant by the water. Let me take a moment to just express how fortunate I am to have some truly amazing people in my life who care and love me so much! I am beyond privileged to have people like them in my life - to have such a fantastic support system, really shows me how lucky & blessed I am. Not only am I able to spend the rest of my life with somebody who is the best person I've ever met, but I have now twice as big of a family! Our families are already so close, it makes me so excited to know we have the rest of our lives to make the best memories together! 

Here are some pictures my lovely best friends Mother took for us - she is such a doll :) My jumpsuit is from Forever 21 and it was so comfortable and fun to wear I didn't want to take it off!! 

A little blurry but I love my Nan xx

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