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Happy Saturday to all you beautiful people Smiling face with smiling eyes I just had a birthday pass this last week - turned 27!! This is definitely going to be one heck of a year! 

With the wedding 2 weeks away,
I've spent this entire week focused on getting all the finishing touches done so we can begin to relax and really take it all in. I'm so excited! I've made time for my girlfriends and important ladies in my life and we had a night at Taylors aunts last weekend which was a little girly celebration together - it was a blast! I've never met a more infectious family who can make me laugh and gain a sixpack in just a few hours. I am so honored to become a Doyle and I will wear my name proud <3

Here's a fun little outfit I wore to our night out! Now my skirt & top are from H&M like 5 years ago - but I tried to find some similar and wasn't successful, I'm sorry!

Have a wonderful weekend that is surround by people who give you sixpacks as well! 

Lots of love,
Steph xx 

NECKLACE: Heritage Boutique || SHIRT & SKIRT: H&M

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