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It's been just over a month now and we are finally able to set some time aside and post some photos of our incredible wedding day! I already miss wearing my dress and dancing our butts off, but it was just a dream come true!

Taylor and I went into this day knowing that it flies by within the blink of an eye. So we made sure that we took it all in and was as present as we possibly could be. After we arrived at the Nestleton Waters Inn,
we got ready so that we could have our first look together. This was probably our favourite moment of the entire day - there really is no feeling or words that can really describe what we felt at that moment, it was pure and simple love. As I walked down, with my speech in hand, Taylor was standing facing the water, my heart started to pound out of my chest as I walked toward him. Its funny because we just saw each other last night and it's not like I'm meeting him for the first time or anything, I think it's just excitement because this is really where I felt the day started and it really kicked in that today we are getting married!!! Ahhh!! I tapped him on the shoulder and he turned around and was speechless (YAY I did good) He had no idea what my dress looked like I threw him for a loop, giving hints that my dress was totally different than it was! That part was fun! We chose not to say our own vows in front of everyone at the ceremony because there isn't a lot of moments that you get just the two of you on your wedding day, you've got people around you from the moment you get up to the time you dance the last song, so we wrote our own letters to each other that we read out while we were on the dock and took that moment to absorb each other and calm our nerves down. It was really beautiful.

Our day was filled with lots of laughs and tears of joy. We were surround by some of the most incredible people we know, and it was a night to remember. We danced, laughed, sang as loud as we could, ate late night pizza and smiled all night long. Our family and close friends who helped us through the whole process, we are so blessed to have such a great support system and who love us so much! We really are the luckiest people ever.

My dress was so much fun to wear, it was by Michelle Roth who I had the pleasure of meeting at Kleinfelds back when I bought the dress (she's amazing) It was so comfortable it felt like I was wearing a t-shirt! I didn't have to do any alterations what so ever which was amazing, it fit like a glove. My veil was custom made by Tanis Emmett who is the most talented seamstress I've ever come across! She also made my custom belt that my little sister gifted to me :) They were the perfect touches that completed my look.

You plan so much for this day, so many details, worrying if everything is going to look just right but......it all doesn't matter! I'm not just talking about the details but I think 85% of stress is worrying if you're going to look perfect. I hadn't seen what I looked like all day and it never even crossed my mind to check. I felt more beautiful than I ever had before because I would just look around me and see everyone laughing and having a good time, then I'd look to my left and see my handsome husband....nothing in that moment could have made me feel any better than I did. So my advice to all the brides to be, your day is going to be just perfect all on its own, so don't stress about things that don't matter; dance your butt off, eat your cake and never stop smiling! No matter what goes on, you are marrying this person who loves you and wants to spend the rest of their life with you...your pictures will be stunning when you look back because you will be filled with happiness. Nothing can give you that glow, no amount of makeup or hairspray can come through those photos other than your own happiness inside.

Marriage is the best thing that ever happened to me, my whole world is different and its amazing!! I hope that everyone can take that away from their wedding day and know that its life changing, its amazing and its everything you will hope it is a more! I cant wait for everyone to feel this way, because its fantastic!!!

I hope you enjoy a little sneak peek into our wedding! It was also featured on Style Me Pretty which their words along with our photographer Caileigh's, were so touching! Caileigh was an absolutely amazing photographer to work with. I was told when the wedding planning was over, you will get post wedding blues because everything is all done. I really wasn't upset because, we are so excited for what is next, and the experience we got out of the wedding was everything we ever wanted - but I was sad when I realized I wouldn't be talking all the time with Caileigh! Honestly, that was the only thing that I knew I would miss! Check out her work she goes worldwide and will make your experience, just perfect. We are overwhelmed with all the love and kindness we have received since our beautiful day :)

Lots of love,

Mrs. Doyle xx


  1. Such sweet words, Steph! Being your photographer was such a special experience. I knew right from our first consult that we'd get along great! Seriously, you guys are the BOMB DIGGITY. Love always, CK.

    1. You are an angel! Couldn't have done it without you - love you boo xx


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