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I'M BACK!!! WAHOO!! And I'm here to talk skin care!! This is one of my most favourite topics on the planet. I have always loved everything about the skin - from the way it feels, looks, works...its just the best! 

Taking care of your skin is the number 1 thing in beauty, because makeup can only go so far. It's also one of the most challenging things to get a grasp on because each and every single person's skin works and acts differently. I have always had a challenge when it comes to understanding how my skin works, and I'm still learning everyday. Now, this topic can go so many different ways - so today I'm starting off by the my 3 golden rules that are really simple to follow. Then in another post I will go further into some other aspects of this beautiful organ :)


I know, I know this is something everyone does, but are you doing it right? Or maybe you're not doing it because you're too tired...who knows! But did you know that washing your face doesn't only take off the makeup that was sitting on your face collecting dirt and oil, BUT it also helps to remove pollution? All that pollution you've been exposed to has been fighting its way into your pores which starts to breakdown all the good things inside your skin and cause loss of collagen, aging, cell damage, irritation and redness. So for the love of all things beauty, wash your face!! It may not look like its doing anything, but overtime it's only beneficial. For those late nights where washing your face feels like the biggest chore of all time, keep make up removal wipes by your bed or even some travel ones in your purse if your crashing at a friends...you will thank me later ;)


Yes, I'm 27 and you may be thinking "why the heck would you use anti-aging products, you don't have any wrinkles!" (thank you by the way!) This is probably one of the most overlooked steps, especially for younger women. Guys, we start to lose everything that works in our favour to keep our skin looking young when we are the age of 21!! Our collagen and elasticity start to break down slowly and the aging process starts to take place. ANTI-aging means BEFORE you start to age. Most people start to use these products when they already have wrinkles, discolouration and see signs of aging. The trick is to use these as early as possible to PREVENT all those signs.


Always use serums!! I can't stress enough that serums are 100% better than creams, in my opinion anyways. Serums are high concentrated forms of some of the best ingredients in skin care like vitamins, antioxidants & plant extracts. They are the purest forms that have the highest impact on the skin and can get deeper without emollients like Shea Butter in moisturisers. A lot of people shy away from these because they are almost always more pricey, but you only use a little dime size which goes a really long way. Plus, you are paying for what you are getting out of it, and its the best of the best! If you are having problems with discolouration, redness, wrinkles, dryness, ANYTHING -  these are your answer!


Here is what I'm using at the moment. I'm never really one to stick to the same product for a long period of time because I've learned over the years my skin gets used to certain products over time and starts to go "Yeah I know what this does, but I'm bored" so I'm always switching it up - but I'm always keeping certain ingredients in mind like Vitamin C because I cant live without it!

SKINN has been a really awesome line so far. I've used it for about a year now and have tried about 10 of their products. Dimitri James is a really great guy to watch, I've learned alot from him - he is always innovating his line with the newest technology and finding the best ingredients possible. I've really loved SKINN because once I'm done using something - there always is something better that has come out for me to use! It's exactly what I'm needing at this point in my life. So here is 4 products that I started not that long ago, I'd say a month? I use 3 serums, one for my face, eyes and mouth area THEN a wicked moisturiser that has stem cells in it. PACKED FULL! I only use a little bit because again, I concentrate on my serums more but it gives that little boost and helps to seal in those wickedly awesome serums.

And that's it folks - for now ;) Skin is a huge topic so stay tuned for more posts! If you ever have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me through e-mail, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or comment below.


Steph xx

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