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Local Is The New New: Featuring Meadow + Mountain

I've always loved to support local businesses - whether it's a restaurant or shops, I love the energy they bring. It's always so lovely to ACTUALLY meet the people who are behind all the beauty. Most of us, will never get to meet the designers we wear, or the maker of that really cute sign you got at Winners. When I started to look more into what was around my community, I was pleasantly surprised to see so much talent just outside my doorstep!

In my search, I came across a company that was a husband and wife duo. They bring new life, and, a fresh perspective to restoring and designing furniture and decor. I scanned their page and found a hand drawn picture of a camera with a typewriter quote. (Ofcourse I love my photos and I used to own a typewriter when I was young so everything was on point) I thought it was perfect for my gallery wall I was planning. As I messaged the designer I came across so many amazing pieces, then found myself reading her whole blog and just fell in love with everything about this girl! And of course her company...Meadow + Mountain

After we chatted back and forth for a couple weeks, I had the opportunity to go over to Josie and Nicks place for coffee, fresh baked biscuits from a local baker and hibiscus tea - like how cute!! We clicked and just like that, we became friends. She is the most sweetest girl who has a big heart and a unbelievable love for what she does. 

Not only was I in love with everything they have on their website, but when I asked Josie where they came up with the name Meadow + Mountain she replied "I wanted our name to reflect our relationship and the journey of marriage. I will be the sweet meadow. The place he can escape to after a hard day, the place he will grow to rely on; the place he can call home. And he will always be my best friend. The one I will lean on in the good, the difficult, the boring, and the most exciting. He will always be my mountain." (Insert heart pounding emoiji here) That just melted my heart!

As we sat with our bevys, we chatted about our relationships, love for blogging, faith, our paths which lead us to where we are, and passion for supporting local businesses. 

During my visit I couldn't help but swoon over her cute and cozy home. There are so many pieces that are hand crafted and seriously to die for. Her cool tones and emphasis on clean and crisp lines, their place is a model home for trending yet classic. 

The former New Yorker Intern and her hubby can do pretty much anything. From restoring that old chest you've got sitting around, to making custom pieces (really though, look into getting a typewriter photo, the BEST!)

Side note: my anxiety was raising the day I went over, I thought of so many ways I could try and cancel. But I told myself I needed this, and I needed to step out of my box. My wise friend Miranda once told me, "you need to go out and do things you're not comfortable with, because with that, comes great reward." And I did it!! You know what? It felt so good. So I encourage you to go out and start seeing what and who is around you, you could end up being somewhere you never imagined. I'm going to try and be more like Jim Carrey in "Yes Man" because he had a happy ending right? Goal for the rest of the summer has been set!! 

Here are a few things I captured on my visit of their gorgeous home! Check out their website to see what else they have. The last photo is a shelf they made for me too! I love it so much it's the perfect touch to our entry way :) Enjoy xx

Loads of love,


  1. Okay so, I follow you on Instagram and creep your blog from time to time (I'm a blogger as well).. but I never realized you were from Durham Region until now when I saw you post about Meadow + Mountain!

    Such a crazy, small world.

    xo, Kait.

  2. Hi Kait

    I cant believe I haven't gotten back to you I'm so sorry!! How funny is that? I love your blog you are amazing :)

    Thanks for following and lets keep in touch xx

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