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Get The Skinny On Skinny Coffee

I'm sure you've seen all the Skinny Coffees, Skinny Teas etc. and wondered to yourself, "does this ACTUALLY work? How can coffee help me lose weight?" Well, I can tell you I even doubted it before I tried it. But I love coffee, so thought, "hey why not even if it doesn't work I still get a cup of coffee" I've now done just over 2 months with Skinny Coffee Club and you know what, I'm actually really loving it!

My girlfriend Ginny was really curious about all the buzz that surrounded this topic. What stopped her was that she read a lot of the coffees are made with natural laxatives - and that was what helped you lose weight. I defiantly did not want to have to be close to a bathroom all the time, no thank you sir. 

I saw that Skinny Coffee Club did not have any of that and BONUS, it's made up of high quality organic and vegan ingredients - helllllloooooo beautiful!!!! All I did was replace 1 cup of coffee with the Skinny Coffee and my results: I felt less bloated, it's helped clear up my skin and assisted in my weight loss. It's awesome knowing that 1 cup is helping my fitness progress.

I found that it wasn't until the end of the first month that I REALLY started to notice how it was helping me. Especially so when I had a bite of a break between the first and second package. That kinda showed me that, yeah, this stuff actually works! 

The results that everyone gets will be different because we are all different. I found that the bloating and skin was 100% the most noticeable and then from there it was my energy level that went up - yes, I know coffee does that too but its just different, not so much like a  caffeine high more like a willingness to get shit done.

One negative for me- its not as bold as I like. I like my coffee strong but it's nice to drink black or with a bit of almond milk. It's level is like a mild blend.

Give them a try if you've ever thought about it! And guess what, they have FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING and if you use code "DASHINGDOYLE20" you can get 20% off your order (you are sooo welcome my friend)

So bite the bullet if you've been toying with the idea. Try something new to help you in your 2017 New Year Resolutions! 

Let me know what you think :)

Much Love,

Steph xx


  1. I know a few people that would love to try this out!!! Also your pup is so darn cute!

    xo Kelsey | www.chasingcinderellablog.com


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