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Twenty Eighteen - I Feel It Coming Babe

I can honestly say that I went into thinking 2018 was going to be the best year for me, I had so many incredible things planned that I was just waiting to jump from the sidelines and dive right in. But it was anything like that for me. 

I went into 2018 with losing my Nanny who passed away on December 30th. That was a bit of a shock to my system as I wasn't prepared to go through those types of emotions at that moment. Most of my holidays was spent with my family and trying to get my dad through one of the toughest times in his life. After that, I got my news about my knee. I've had surgery in the passed and since then its been great - but I recently went back to the doctors because I was having really bad pain in it and turns out it's not doing so well. From my previous post about my surgery on my nose (click here to view post) I stated the amount of depression I experienced post surgery. When the doctor told me that if physiotherapy doesn't help, I'll have to go talk to a surgeon, my body froze. I instantly welted up in tears. Just hearing the word surgery makes my skin cringe. I'm happy he didn't say I needed it right away but even him mentioning it's a possibility just terrifies me. Any of you who have gone through traumatic things like that can understand. The same week I pulled something in my neck and now have been pretty much bed ridden because it's so stiff - had to wear a neck brace and all, which is so fashionable (NOT) Haha. Which is making me miserable. So 2018 has royally SUCKED for me. But my positive side is saying that life is just throwing all the shitty things my way first to get them over with and all the good things are coming my way ;) 

Anyways, I'm done wallowing in my negativity and going to look up and forward to all the beautiful things that are going to happen! I need to change my attitude to attract the positive changes!! So enough about hearing about all the crappy things in life and let me get to what I'm doing in 2018 thats fantastic! As I entered the new year, I wanted to start my year off with a new prospective on healthy living. I have always enjoyed eating healthy, working out and feeding my body with things that are only going to benefit me. 

Over 3 years ago I stopped eating dairy, which has done numerous amazing things to my body, but I wanted to try something I've never done before - stop eating meat. One of my best friends Katriina and her fiancĂ© Scott decided to become vegetarian. After about 3 months I asked her if she missed meat, she's like not at all! Once you get passed a certain amount of time you become accustomed to your new lifestyle and find it easier. So, I told myself as of Jan 1st I will stop eating meat for 1 month and give it a try. I am now on day 23 and I honestly don't miss it at all. I find that because of Taylor still having meat in his diet and my old habits, sometimes I don't know what to make for a quick bite - it can be a challenge at first. Then I decided I'll be a pescatarian (not eat meat but eat fish) because I wanted to be able to have something to focus my dishes around. Start slow and ease into it as I feel that'll help me succeed better. I keep mostly to white fish, shrimp and salmon. It's actually been so good!! I find that I don't crave meat at all and I am excited to keep researching cool meal ideas. If you have any suggestions please pass along!!

While I was summoned to my couch and couldn't move, I watched this inspiring documentary on Netflix called "What The Health". If you are interested in learning more about how meat effects our bodies, I highly suggest you watch this! It's such an eyeopener. It really made me start to think, maybe I want to go even further than my goal of not eating meat for 1 month - and try to keep my diet plant based! Not only do I have such a huge heart for animals (clearly through my Instagram you can tell I'm obsessed with my dog Piper) but I'm learning there are so many benefits to a plant based diet. 

If you want to start this journey with me, lets do it together! I'll start to share more of what I'm learning along with way, what meals to make, cookbooks I find, and just sharing my personal experience with it in general. I'm always putting up Instastories with new recipes I try - so head over to my page @dashingdoyle and follow me to see more!

 I have so much more exciting things I can't wait to talk about. Things that have impacted my life hugely in the last 6 months. A new vibe with home decor, essential oils, hair care, fashion trends, spiritual guidance and more - so stay tuned! I'm super excited!

This is just the beginning of a new me, and I can feel that it's going to be the best version yet! 

Heaps of love,

Photo credit to the talented Jeannette Breward 

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