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One Small Thing I Did To Get Clear Skin


I decided to stop doing one thing about 3 years ago. I've always had problems with my skin, from breakouts to dryness, I've done all in my power to try to get my acne to go away! This one thing I did, gave me the boost I've been waiting for!

As any good Esthetician will tell you, products are key to great skin. Yes this is true but also paired with having a good balanced diet. I was using some of the best skin care products out there and still...nothing. Your skin is so tricky, because when you see things you don't like on it, like breakouts, uneven skin tone, oily, dry you tend to go straight for products to fix it. After all my attempts at products, I knew this was something deeper.

After some countless failed attempts at searching for a solution, I decided to try cutting out dairy because it's got a lot of hormones in it. Now, being a women we all know what hormones can do to your body, and I know from my education that a lot of breakouts are stemmed from hormonal changes. When I say cutting out dairy its not like I never eat any but I do not drink milk at all. I avoid anything that contains milk 100% and I switched to almond milk which is actually really good (especially in smoothies!) When it comes to cheese, I've had some here and there, but not eating blocks of it like I used to. It wasn't as hard as you think because going from eating it on everything to not at all seems tough - but I had the drive to see the positive changes in my skin.

Within 6 months my skin was pimple free. I found that it was less sensitive to products, my pores were smaller, my oily and dry patches became less prominent and I found it easier to lose weight (along with my workouts) I found that when I was eating more dairy it really put my hormones and body into overdrive and that caused some external problems. There are moments when I need to eat my favorite White Feather Farms baked good, Veggie Bread that has cheese in it (SO.GOOD) But you gotta treat yourself here and there. It has to be my guilty pleasure and I cant resist it. So don't deprive yourself of things that you love, just be cautions to how much and often you eat it.

Fact: May sound strange but I don't get cheese on my pizza. DON'T JUDGE ME UNTIL YOU TRY IT! I get at least 5 toppings on it so it makes up for it. Usually, spinach, green pepper, onions, sundried tomatoes or regular tomatoes and jalapenos. Give it a try, you may thank me, or just think I'm strange like the guy at the pizza place.

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